I don't know about "finally finished" since I only had five days to do this, but it was a very long five days.
These are props for some orginization's corporate theme party. The theme was "Heros". The event company already has some generic super hero character guys I made for them last year as well as some army guys and sports guys so this week they needed some "everyday heros". I think they kind of over did it, I mean I appreciate a good waitress as well as the next guy, but she hardly risks her life to bring me a sandwich. Still ours is not to question why...
So here are three 8-foot tall lightening bolts, an 8-foot long police car, a fire truck, a police man a fireman, a convict a dalmation, a doctor and nurse, a muscleman, a jogger, a business man, a waitress and a gardener. All about 6 feet tall, made out of medium density fiberboard.
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