Dear potential flash producer:

You need not apply if you take things too seriously, we only look for candidates that know how to have fun while also working hard. Yay for disclaimers.

We are looking for a flash producer to take designs (most likely psds) and make them flashtastic - we know that was bad.

Required Skills
* A Good Attitude
* Motion graphics (Tweening or After Effects)
* Load time optimization strategies
* Actionscript 2/3
* An eye for high quality work (think or
* Flash video integration / streaming
* Design flash apps that are organized (well named library, loadmovie's that make sense)
* Create code that is maintainable and clean (understand Object Oriented coding, so that there is a clear separation between logic and implementation)

Big Plus Skills
* Understand design patterns, especially an MVC architecture and decoupled code through events, also utilizing views to create a maintainable application
* Know how backend technologies integrate into flash, i.e. web services, XML, SOAP, JSON
* Are well versed in at least one backend technology such as Ruby, ASP.NET, PHP, Coldfusion, JSP, etc.
* Understand information architecture and usability
* CSS 2.0 / XHTML (clear separation, transitional schema is fine)
* Understand the big picture, how creative direction meets art direction with copywriting, and how those job-hats influence design and reach target audiences
* Understand brand style guides and are comfortable maintaining their integrity

Would Be Nice Skills
* Some experience with the Flash Media Server for streaming video would be nice

Please send your resume/portfolio to

This position is located in Las Vegas but you do not have to be. It is contracted work, not an employment position, at either a fixed dollar amount or an agreed to set number of hours. Must be 18 or older to apply.

Thanks for your time!