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    is it ever finished?

    there is an old saying a piece of art is never finished it is abandoned. (or something similar)

    I am curious if anyone looks at a piece of art they are most proud and suddenly that sense of accomplishment fades and all thye cna see are the flaws and what they could have done better and they want to re do it again.

    Or is it just me?

    I find that I enjoy creating the piece getting it to a certain standard after that if I look at a drawing once its at the point it just feels flawed.

    It has gotten so bad that I have had to put drawings in a folder once they are placed in the folder I will no allow myself to change them.

    Am I alone in feeling like this? and any suggestions besides a shrink. lol

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    You're supposed to see the flaws after you complete a piece. It's how you learn what to work on in the next one.

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    No, you're not alone in seeing flaws in your work. In fact I think if you think your work is perfect you're probably in some trouble.

    My fiancee recently hung some of my paintings in our apartment, so now I stand in front of them and find all the little things wrong with them. Occasionally I will touch them up, but mostly I just store up the knowledge and try to apply it to the next piece. It's a frustrating part of art, but also one of the most interesting after you accept it.

    Something that can help sometimes is to be specific about what you're after in a certain piece- don't be vague and say "I want a perfect painting/drawing". Decide you want to catch the look in the woman's eye, the glint of the metal in the sun, a really solid form, a really dynamic pose, good interaction, nice edges, etc, etc. Keep going until you're satisfied with that one aspect, and then consider it a success. Naturally, there will be mistakes in the other parts- but there will always be mistakes, for every artist who ever lived. Trying to get everything perfect is a trap.

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