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    Photoshop in 3D?

    I could be completely off here and I may not be asking this right, but is there a way to line your layers up on your perspective lines in Photoshop?

    For that matter, how do you work with perspective lines in Photoshop?

    I really want to make these Star Wars, Lord of the Rings style digital mattes like that guy (Dylan Cole?) does one learn how to do that? Tutorials?

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    You could just lay down some lines on a new layer, or make a whole row of lines, and distort it to your liking. Aside from that, there's no fool-proof way to get it right; you're pretty much on your own.

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    my strategy is usually to start sketching until i see where it's going, then make a horizontal guide for the horizon line (by dragging from the edge of the window/ruler). i make sure snapping is turned on under the view menu, then go to my paths pallet and click the create new path button.

    at this point, i can just use the pen tool to create perfect lines, snap them onto the horizon, and drag the VP around by selecting the points. i may make a couple different paths for multiple VP's. With all that done, i make a new layer in the layers pallet and select a small round brush under my brush tool then click the stroke path button under the the path pallet. this outlines your paths on the new layer using the current brush/color.

    as for transforming stuff into perspective, i use transform (command-T), right click and select distort. then you can drag the corners of the image to match your perspective lines. but your image will end up distorted.

    if you reaaallly want to learn about dylan cole's process and have the $, you can order his gnomon dvd's at their website. good luck
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