I want to record my drawing process, from start to finish in painter. A long long time ago, i had an art program which came with a wacom tablet (cant remember the name for the life of me, it had a painted parrot on the cover though) that recorded each brush stroke and would let you draw an entire piece then hit rewind/play to watch yourself draw it from start to finish.

At the moment i am trying to find something like this for painter now. I've run into snags though, i picked up Snapz pro and found it works horribly because my screen is too big! (1680x1050 17in widescreen) and even tossing down the recording details, i end up with a massive file. Considering i want to record a long film i need something more streamlined right off the bat so i don't end up with a 100gig file.

Is there anything in painter that can record my strokes, or something that i can use to record myself drawing, that is of a respectable quality?