Hello everyone, this is my first post..

SPACE PROJECTS needed space artists
Taken in Moscow, ENERGYA SPACE CORPORATION the home of the yuri gagarin capsule

i am a student with the international space university ( IT EXISTS ) www.isunet.edu ..

and we are doing a feasibility studies to build a liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellant gas station on the lunar surface. in support of NASA ( yes we have connection ) . And i really like concept art especially space architecture for the future..

However, we do need original artwork inside our report. Not copy and paste from the internet ...

So i request that if there is anyone have an artwork that is done before ( not create new one )

especially with
lunar future infrastructure
Land Rovers
Moon itself
Production Facilities ( we need to produce liquid oxygen by scooping the moon and extract oxygen from the moon soil ..

gas station
Tanks ( storage tanks )

If your art is selected.. we will incude your art and your name at our executive summary report where we will distribute thruout our project presentation to NASA and other space experts...One meeting will be in in NASA Johnson Space Centre in Summer..


Will - ISU

If you have any arts please mail me william.widjaja@masters.isunet.edu