I'm workin on a book loosely based on the norse mythology epic Ragnarok.
I'm just 17 years old and my style continues to develop.
As of right now i have no going rate and am just looking to work doing what I love so just about any offer would be very good because I'm very eager to showcase my talent.

In the link below are some samples of my work. I'll have more pages up soon. I have page 2 finished and nearly done with page 3. I only need to scan them. if you would like to contact me for a job or are just interested
e-mail me at skate8destroy@yahoo.com or just leave me a message.


This one was done on bristol board.This is Fenris He kills Odin
Comic Penciler
This one was done on hard canvas paper. Its Balder facing a traitor among his men
Comic Penciler
Balder picture i havent finished
Comic Penciler