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Thread: which is better? one year program or longer years?

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    which is better? one year program or longer years?

    i want to go into computer animation, but some schools offer 1 year program like at sheridan, while ringling offers 4 years.

    why is this?
    is it better to go to 4 year schools?
    what is the difference between those two kinds of programs?
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    Well, think about it. Are you going to be producing better work if you practice for one year or if you practice for four years? You will be creating far more work, and therefore, getting far more practice and becoming far more skilled by going to a longer program. Plus, a BFA is always nice. Most studios want you to have some work experience before they hire you, and the best way to get that is through an internship. Internships are only given to those who either have a BFA or are working toward one.

    IMO, a 4 year program is much more beneficial, especially if you're considering Ringling. After all, Ringling has the top program for Computer Animation in the US & Canada.
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    Students from Max the Mutt have had, and will have, internships, so being in a BFA program is not a prerequisite. However, you are trying for a career that requires developed skills. Most good computer animation companies want to see drawing skills and classical animation as well as 3D. Last I heard, Pixar would hire you with great classical skills and NO computer animation, although obviously 3D knowledge is a plus.

    If you have art background and anatomy and sculpture, and you want to be a modeler, perhaps one year is enough...but not if you want to animate.
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    People, a one-year computer animation program is POST-DIPLOMA. It is like this at nearly every school. You won't qualify for it without sufficient training in classical animation, illustration, or equivalent fine art skills. If a school like Ringling offers a 4-year program, it's simply a program that includes fine arts, animation AND computer animation. It doesn't even start with computer animation until the second year, which is still too early IMO.
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    Tackling a four year program will obviously expose you to that much more. Now if you want the cheap seat in the house and just take a one year plan, you're going to get what you paid for. In any valid school's four year plan, they're going to guide you and give you classes for a well rounded education. You'll learn the basic foundation classes and then elevate it onto headier concepts. Think about all of the vital contacts you'll also be able to meet in the four years time as well.

    It's all about your education and journey. Sometimes it's better to take the long road and see & experience that much more.
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