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i used to hang around the DSG quite a bit. i put down the pencil for a while and've been doing carpentry for the last few years, but i'm finally getting back into the swing of things comics-wise. i heard about the Small Press Idol competition over at Dimestore and thought i might give it whirl.

the story takes place in philadelphia, concerning a video game that nearly made it to the public main. i'm going to delve into the 'why' aspect of the government's interest and (alleged) subsequent prohibition of the game's blossoming insurrectionist ideologies... amid explosions and blood and your momma jokes.

here's a little vignette:

Philadelphia: The Game (participation required!)

to make it into the next rounds i need votes! so please vote for my entry! you'll have to register with the site, but it's painless compared to most.

please click the following url to register:

and then click the next url to check out my round 2 material (and vote by replying in the message thread and typing in a YES):

i've just entered my round 2 stuff and need about 50 some votes, so don't think someone else will do it! i need YOU to! please keep your username and password handy as i'll send out another of these for the following two rounds. (and they track votes by IP, so no 'helping me out!')

please feel free to forward this around to anyone who may (or hell, even may not) be interested.

thank you!

joe reynolds

my full entry's url (with 75% more pitch):

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-forum thread:,2792.0/

-my entry: