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    Post Disertation Questionaire.Please check it!

    As part of my dissertation, I have chosen to end my illustration course by addressing a subject that has come up in numerous conversations between fellow students. I am striving to find out why todays image based market has diminished the importance of drawing skills and how the use of graphics software has affected this matter.
    I am supplying you with a questionnaire therefore, in order to get varied opinions on the matter from both students and professionals. I would be very happy if you could spare afew minutes to fill this out and aid me with my academic response.

    1. Could u say that todays image based market is being dominated by either digital or traditional visuals? Why do you think this is the case?

    2. Do you believe that drawing skills are a necessity for any upcoming artist willing to become a successful visual artist in todays market? Please explain why.

    3. Why and how did you choose your current working method? (if you have a favourite one)

    4. What would your advise be towards students, if they want to have a chance of succeeding in todays market?

    5. Do you think there is a large number of artists that have graphics software do most of the work for them-and in turn get praised for that? What is the reason for that to happen?

    6. What are your views on the way current universities deal with digital art and traditional art? If you aren’t sure, how do you think they adress both, by looking at a selection of contemporary artists as an example?

    7. Do you think they pay enough attention to traditional drawing skills?

    8. Can you say that the digital tablet is an evolution of the pen and paper?

    9. Are the tutors and/or universities of today responsible for the ideals new artists carry with them? Do you think they have such an effect on them? If yes please explain why and how?

    10. Should todays universities be fully affected by the necessary market? Therefore, should an education simply be a tool to make u a successful professional as soon as possible? Or should it concentrate on strengthening your skills and allowing your worth to be the reason why u become a successful pro?

    11. Last of all, what would your answer be to those who say that digital art isn’t a hand rendered form? Please explain why.

    thanks yet again.

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    I am a professional artist in the games industry, and I paint with oils as a hobby.

    1. This question offers a false dichotomy. Digital media are useless tools without the addition of knowledge of traditional academics such as composition, color, and value.

    2. Yes. Drawing is the fastest method of making the illusion of reality.

    3. I chose Maya and Photoshop because I wanted to make art for games. I chose oil paints because I wanted an analogue medium to learn in my spare time, and because nothing else looks quite like oil paints.

    4. My advice to students is to click on the links in my sig.

    5. Graphics software doesn’t do anyone’s work for them. Those sorry few who are dazzled by the application of a PhotoShop filter are not professional artists or art directors. Artists who don’t get over their delight with lens flare rarely make it to a professional level.

    6. I can’t speak for universities in general through experience, but judging by what I have heard from students and from my experience at RISD, traditional art schools are lagging behind when it comes to computers, and new schools are teaching computer usage instead of traditional academics. The ideal would be somewhere in between.

    7. If by “they” you mean universities, then I think that traditional drawing skills are not taught enough anywhere, including traditional art schools.

    8. Tablets and drawing programs are just another medium. They have their advantages in particular applications, such as concept art and textures for games, and their disadvantages, such as there being no way to print out or sell an “original” piece of digital work.

    9. Teachers are always responsible for a great deal of what their students learn, or don’t learn. That’s the point of them being teachers.

    10. This question offers another false dichotomy. A well-rounded, versatile artist is an employable artist. Schools that aim to teach some sort of shortcut are scams.

    11. I don’t continue in conversation with people who demonstrate to have formed strong opinions without doing some speck of research.

    By the way, Alert, if you are writing a dissertation, it would be in your best interest to write with proper grammar and spelling, so that you sound appropriately professional and so that the folks you are polling take you seriously. Have someone double-check what you write if you are unable to catch your own errors. Also, try e-mailing individuals to ask if they would like to answer your questions, if you do not get enough replies here.
    I think you are awesome, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, but I am tired of repeating myself, I am very busy with my new baby, and I am no longer a regular participant here, so please do not contact me to ask for advice on your career or education. All of the advice that I have to offer can already be found in the following links. Thank you.

    Perspective 101, Concept Art 101, Games Industry info,Oil Paint info, Acrylic Paint info, my sketchbook.

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