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    sort of questionaire

    hey, im doing a essay for university, and im posting a series of questions, mainly to use as thoughts and points of view, not facts or such.
    please leave a minute to answear them if you want

    1: what is provocative art to you?
    and is violence, sexual refference, and obscure concepts/parts a nessicity to make a provocative piece of art?

    2: would you say that art has nothing to do with the opinions of the artist, inspirations, etc has anything to do with the finished piece of art, that you should just see the art for what it is?

    3: well start with this one "buried alive" by odd nerdrum

    what feelings it gives you, what you think is the purpose of hte image, and why you think teh artist made it

    here is a sculpture by jake and dinos chapman:

    what feelings it gives you, what you think is the purpose of hte image, and why you think teh artist made it

    5: are thy similar in anyway? and are they both contemporary (if any of them) ?

    thanks for your time
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    1.Provocative art i would call any form of art that is somewhat discomforting and is usually based around an unusual/disturbing concept.I would also think that sex or violence,as much as disfigurement are probably a necessity for any form of provocative art due to the fact that those are the things that are hushed about and arent exactly the "easiest" things to mention or talk about,for everyone.But i also think that behaviour issues,misplacement,noise can all be as provocative..

    2.On the subject of art..i think its purely subjective.Anyone can see it anyway they wish too.For all i know someones mood can affect how they look at a piece of art.Obviously peoples backgrounds and beliefs can affect how they do this,and usually look into the artist aswell as the thoughts behind the piece.Which for me is of course very wrong.Since its the piece of art that u are looking at and not the creator!

    3.Suffocation is the first feeling that comes to mind-and shock.I cant fully understand the purpose of the image.Is it necessary for it to have a purpose?Maybe Nerdum just wanted to paint that.I think he painted that because he wanted to stay away from the usual subjects and attempt to draw peoples attention by placing his skills next to an alternative type of image.Something new and different is always good to look at.

    4.Yet again i wouldnt know the purpose of the image.I think the artists mind state at the time of creating or thinking of the concept has alot to do with the final pieces when it comes to "provocative art".Feelings would probably be shock again.And i wouldnt know why he created that...thing...

    5.Id say they both could be called somewhat similar since they include semi nude figures and are depicting a grotesque act of violence.And also due to the fact that they both caused the "shock".I wouldnt know what contemporary is though...The contemporary art market is ever changing and is usually controlled by art critics with shit for brains..

    good luck with the essay!

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