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    Why do roses appear?

    Ok... I'm very new to Painter, and when trying to use a number of brushes, roses appear! I'm very confused as to what's happening here... I can't explain it very well so I took a screenshot...

    Something weird is going on. Anyone know what this is or how to remove it? It's really bugging me...

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    you're using a cloner brush and the clone source is the current pattern, which evidently includes roses.
    Try looking under File or Edit, I forget which. You can change the clone source. Or switch brush type.

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    Ah... thanks. Seems so obvious now... Very used to using Photoshop. I wonder where the roses came from though... They're not mine. I guess it'd be a default clone source in Painter or something...
    Thanks again!
    †- Leukeh -†

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    Hi Leukeh,

    To specify the Clone Source image, use File > Clone Source. Then, in the flyout menu, check the file name of the image you want to use as the Clone Source.

    The default is Current Pattern which you'll see at the top of the flyout menu.

    You might have been painting with one of the Cloners brush variants or you might have been using another category's brush variant with Clone Color enabled.

    To enable Clone Color, go to the Colors palette and, depending on the Painter version, either check the Clone Color box or depress the Clone Color icon (looks like a rubber stamp). You can also enable Clone Color by clicking the U key. While Clone Color is enabled, the Hue Ring and Saturation/Value Triangle are faded.

    To disable Clone Color, uncheck the Clone Color box or click the Clone Color icon so it's no longer depressed and the Hue Ring and Saturation/Value Triangle are no longer faded. You can also disable Clone Color by clicking the U key.

    Note that with some Cloners variants it's not possible to disable Clone Color so you'll need to be aware of that and test on an unimportant part of your image or on another Canvas to be sure..... or use a brush variant from another brush category.

    As to where the roses came from, probably one of the Patterns in the currently loaded Patterns library. Unless we choose another Pattern, when the Clone Source is Current Pattern, it's usually the top Pattern in the Pattterns palette (top left icon if they're displayed as thumbnails).

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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