I hope no one hates me for making this thread, and as all my information is sketchy and ill-informed at best, French people (or just cultured people), please, help!

The results are in:
Nicolas Sarkozy - 30.78%
Segolene Royal - 25.32%
Francois Bayrou - 18.47%
Jean-Marie Le Pen - 10.89%

Now off to the second round, Sarkozy [right of centre] vs. Royal [left of centre]. Royal is considered by socialists to be a little firm, a little bit of a reformer, for Brits that could be considered New Labour from Old Labour, don't know how to explain it to the rest of you all, though. Many have said she is nothing more than a media face, existing only in magazines and newspapers. She's made some muck-ups in the past in her campaign, especially on foreign affairs, these went against her.

Sarkozy is seen by some (maybe many...) as being too tough. For example riot-police where some say there should have been none.

There was a high turnout (see source below, BBC), so it's pretty representative. I have also taken the liberty of saying that 7-8/10 Bayrou supporters will vote Royal in the next round, though this is almost entirely an assumption, and it's probably inverse anyway. Though the reason I chose this number is that even if it is the case (8/10) it still seems as though, unless Le Pen supporters abstain from the vote (assuming of course that they'd vote Sarkozy), Sarkozy will win. If Sarkozy does win, well, I hope he follows the eternal political trend and doesn't actually change anything, 'cos I'm going to Paris in Summer and I don't want it to be marred by discord.

Please bear in mind that I'm not French, the information I receive on this is limited, Le Monde wasn't delivered to the newsagent I usually get it from and as a result... BBC. They don't get any other French newspapers either, which is somewhat of a relief to be honest considering that there's one the name of which I forgot, but oi, so boring! What other information I got I got from using whatever I could to test the climate in France, even down to youtube videos, French people online, in London, etc. So it's going to be heavily biased in some cases, and generally left leaning.