Hey guys; the name's Bubs. I've been drawing for about a year during my free time, and to push myself past my limits i've entered myself in an online battle tourney of sorts. I'm not nearly as good as the majority of this community, but i'm willing to learn, and once this final entry is done i'm going to be taking an extended break where I do seven hour practice drills a day, four of those hours focusing solely on anatomy.

Anyways, this comic is built around the song "Feel Good Inc.", although you really wouldn't know it unless I told you guys. I'll update once I have the complete product finished. My oppoent is the dude with the cape, who quite literally is the most generic ripoff character i've ever laid eyes on. It's like the lovechild of a namek and a WoW character, but hey, I gotta roll with the punches. Total time spent on this comic was about two and a half days, on and off. I added some commentary to get people by before posting the final version.

Anyways, here goes:

Odon's all "I'm going to Denny's now" when suddenly...


Dramatic entrance goes here.

Hyde starts to charge with chaotic intent.

Gut check in the first panel. You can see his fist outline around his torso.

Hyde pulls a Goldfinger and throws his hat.

Now Odon's ass got hiked waaaaaaay up in the sky.

Odon's going so fast he's actually catching up to the hat, when suddenly...


Odon smashes into the ground, gets pissed, tries to take a cheap shot via sword at Hyde's backside. This doesn't sit too well with Hyde, so he RIPS HIS DAMN ARM OFF.

Odon's pretty much in excruciating pain at this point, but Hyde's not done there. He takes Odon's arm, activates Odon's own damn weapon, cuts him into five separate chunks, then kicks him apart for good measure.

Odon's pretty much dead at this point, but Hyde's not finished yet, so he puts his ass back together just so he can keep beating the shit out of him. What's supposed to happen in the bottom panel is that Hyde smashes him so hard that he breaks through the fucking panels and falls off the page.

This is Odon falling into the abyss with a few other panels falling as well due to the impact of the previous blow.

This is supposed to be Odon falling out of some portal onto this grassy plain, upon which he sees Hyde playing a guitar.

This scene is actually longer, but I couldn't scan all of it because it wouldn't fit in my scanner

Hyde turns Odon's own cape against him, despite the fact that "that's not how his fabric works". Also, Hyde grabs Odon's face, slams it on the ground HARD, then drags and slams his ass across all four corners of the panel. Hyde hits the lower left corner with such force that it actually breaks through the border of the panel.

Hyde's pretty much using Odon's face as a way to plow through the panels of the next page for good measure.


At this point, Odon's entire spinal colum is shattered, his neck is broken, and his skull is severely fractured. The best thing he can do at this point is to just collapse into a useless mass of flesh and bone, which he does. Hyde still isn't finished yet, so he breaks one of the side bar panels and is going to impale him with it, just because he can.

Odon's about to die again untill...

Hyde gets kicked out of Jekyll's body.

I actually had an epilogue planned, where the masked figure fixes Odon up to where he's good as new, but lectures Odon, stating the cold hard truth that this World of Warcraft reject couldn't even compete with raw chaotic intent. Odon's heard enough for his pride to take, and as the masked figure walks away with Jekyll over his shoulder, he tries to attack the masked man from behind. Once again it's a stupid mistake, because all the hooded being does is snap his fingers and Odon's spine is refractured, resulting in tremendous pain on the namek's part. The figure then disappears away via the same portal that was seen in the intro comic.

Drawing this comic has made it even more painfully obvious on how much work I need on my general anatomy. As some proof that i'm not some big-talking high-schooler, I managed to squeeze in a few life studies sometime this week. They'll tide me over until I start crankin' them out starting sometime next week.

Each study I spent about 1 hour on (except for the abs, which took roughly half the time and the shoe two-ish hours).

That's all I have as of now.