Help with thesis idea!

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    Help with thesis idea!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a student of architecture at careton university and Im heading into my masters.. I am already kind of brainstorming possible ideas for a thesis.

    I am really interested in concept art and its relation to architecture. I used to really want to be a concept artist and I did a bit of it way back in highschool under the name 'devious'. anyways, i think there is some interesting relationships to architecture and concept art, besides the obvious superficial ones..

    ideas of the characters, narratives, and even settings may be an interesting departure for a realtionship between the two? I'm just wondering if there are any students of architeture in the concept art field who may be able to assist me or give some ideas and insight?


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    well there is obviously a whole lot of mutual influence going on with concept artists looking at older but also newer architecture for ideas and of course architects getting off on the designs done for movies like bladerunner, ghost in the shell etc. which is kind of interesting. are you doing a theoretical thesis or is this as part of a design project. i have to leave now but you can pm me or whatever if there are certain questions/things you want to know (don't work in the game or movie industry though).


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