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    Alice - theatre poster

    So I'm learning the ropes of using Painter. I had some rather harsch requirements for this piece. They wanted red. And lots of it. And flamingos if there were room. Anyway, it's a theatre play based on "Alice in Wonderland". It's a rather grim and psychedelic take on the matter, and I wanted that to come through in the piece. I feel ready, or rather, I've stared myself blind at the piece. I need some input. What works and what does not work as much? I know Alice herself is a bit lost, but so is she in the play. A tabula rasa. Perhaps showlight her some more anyway.

    Alice - theatre poster

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    i see the picture and i make the same face like the little girl on the poster...
    "Alice." is imo very well done. the girl is looking cute but the woman in the back have not the same style like the girl.
    the woman is coming out of a fog? or out of a dark place?... i would add some rosa or white/red fog around her and on the sides. but im not sure what to do with the flamingos.
    (sorry for my bad english)

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    I argee with above the woman in the back kind of looks out of place style wise
    The eyes are too far apart even style wise and the hands pose seems a bit weak,
    over all i like the style annd colours but feel that is a weak point to the piece

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