Thought I'd mix things up since we've been doing a lot of "technical" challenges lately...

Topic: Ghost



1. Only one picture per contestant.

2. No previously used material. All photos must be fresh and never displayed on any gallery / thread.

3. The winner of the last poll will set the next topic; if the same person stands as the winner two times in a row, he or she must choose another user to present the next topic.

4. Enhancements of the picture ARE allowed in CHALLENGE B only.

5. No voting for your own picture.

6. The challenge starts thursday, poll opens tuesday and closes thursday. the winner starts a new post on the photo forum that is named "The Photo challenge - the chosen topic".

7. The poll shall be opened tuesday evening.

8. In the event of a tie in the polls, the person who created the challenge casts the tie breaking vote.

9. The winner has until 18:00/6:00 pm (GMT +2) thursday, after he or she has won to present the next topic, if the winner fails to do so. the topic will be presented by the 2nd place person on the poll

10. Please add a title to your