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    The young girls...

    Hi all,

    It's been a little while since I last posted, many things going on and I haven't drawn lately (bad!). I'm currently trying to work on a few sketches of a character of mine, and I need to work up by studying some anatomy and proportion. The trick is that this character is 12-13 years old. I'm having trouble with references.

    I mean, if I search Preteen anything online, I get all manner of sites that I don't dare click on. Hell, I get nervous even Googling the word. As far as life drawing, well, all the 13 year olds I really knew are in their 20's+ now, and I'm wary of being the creepy guy sketching girls at the mall.

    I've looked through the bookstores and found cursory segments on drawing little kids, but no adolescents. I'm beginning to think that I'll have to rely on Target ads, or suck it up and buy a copy of TigerBeat - or whatever kids read these days (if they read magazines at all anymore).

    Does anyone know of anyother references that I could look at without winding up on a Pedophile watch list?

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    I believe a guy named Peck has a book called "The Human Atlas" or something along those lines, and I think it deals with that. I heard the book is a must-have, but I must-find it first.

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    Check out this page from Andrew Loomis' book:
    It has basic proportions for 15 and 10 yr old boys, so it would give you a place to start when drawing girls.

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    I've had to deal with the same problem. All of my nieces and nephews are grown now, and with the politically correct bullshit running loose around the US especially, it's become almost impossible to find material for reference for either gender between maybe age 4 or 5 up to about 14 or 15. People are afraid to seel any books with children in because they're afraid they'll run afoul of the pedo police.

    Try googling for photo sites for SWIMMING, SPORTS, THE BEACH, ATHLETICS, and stuff like that and check to see if they have an option for pics by age group or sex. Aim for sites that are advertising industry oriented (professional photography samples...)
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    yeah football (as in soccer in the us) pics should help you too, little leagues pics of your neighborhood maybe.

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    as Ilaekae recommends, a rich source of references for all kinds of subjects are online stock photo agencies. my ref library (real world) is stuffed with their promo rags. their search engines for online pics are pretty useful (though sometimes hilarious), and you can often see medium-rez versions as well as the lower-rez thumbs. by searching these collections instead of the general web, you can avoid the barrage of porn-hits Google might spew up.

    but don't use them for copying, or even a very close approach to the original, because that would tread into some gooey grey areas of copyright concerns. just use them as sources of information, unless you purchase the image use. there are a large number of useful CD collections of subjects from A to Z, but they are pricey, though single-image cost can be reasonable if it can be worked into a project's budget.
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    Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought about athletics teams - that would definitely be a good way to start getting the idea behind action poses. We have a work account with iStockphoto too, I'll see what they've got today.
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    Martial arts classes make great action ref and often put up pics of their littlest members
    and there are Nickolodean Magaizins and magazine aimed at preteens not really younger than 8 set
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