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    Super Street Fighter II Turbo High-Definition Remix (SSF2THDR for short... Jesus!)

    Gotta love a name with an eight character acronym, almost makes me wish they threw in "Champion's Edition" just for the hell of it!

    Anyhow, I dunno how many of you heard about this, but apparently Capcom is trying to re-enter the 2D arena with a direct challenge to the graphical superiority of Sammy's "Guilty Gear" series.

    Personally, I'm not too terribly excited about the game itself (it's only been around for, I dunno, a minute) but I am very pumped about the effort to create high-quality 2D game graphics. Maybe some other companies will take notice to this project (are you listening SNK-Playmore? Your Atomiswave was cute and all, but it's time you guys stepped up to the plate!).

    Oh, and it would seem that Sirlin is leading the project, which is pretty cool. Certainly allows some insight on the inner workings of the project.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, there's a hi-res Puzzle Fighter in the works as well.
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    i'm actually more excited about Puzzle Fighter.

    I friggin LOVED that game back in the day man. My friends and I spent hours playing that game and getting drunk. Friggin fun as all get-out. I can't wait for it to hit XBL!

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    Found this thread by chance but I've been thinking of the very same thing.

    Take the latest New Super Mario Bros game for the DS. Side scrolling, old style gaming is still up there in terms of being my favorite types of games. We now have the ability to make these 2D games look absolutely beautiful and still have that charm and style they've always carried. The Wii is doing this a bit with Paper Mario but I think we can still push this stuff a great deal forward with the next gen systems. I'm hoping this new Street Fighter will push some envelopes but I can't be too hopeful, I mean... isn't this and XBL game?

    But yea, there needs to be some definate new oldschool/new graphics games. Hell, even if they redid some classics with new graphics, I'd buy into a lot of that! Ha!

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