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    creatures and creatures

    ive taken some time off, but ive gotten back into drawing recently, tryin to convince myself im not rusty. heres some of my highlights from the last week

    this was the first thing i did. i just mapped a face over a warped humanoid skull. looks surprisingly human for how inhuman his skull was. i fail : (
    creatures and creatures

    started off as a big scribble, but i decided i'd finish it late one night. i didnt necesarily feel like designing a unique head, so i just chopped it off. some kind of sasquatch or bigfoots
    creatures and creatures

    an angel. im going to design some in the near future, this was the first foot out the door, but nowhere near as far as i plan on pushing it. i like the grey/blue skin look
    creatures and creatures

    ive been fascinated with cthulu since i was about 17. always thought it sounded like a cool idea. but every time i saw an illustration of him, i always felt embarrassed to be seen looking at it. i think they all look awful (with some exceptions), so i wanted to see if i could do something that still fit the vague description, but didnt follow the chubby-dude-with-an-octopus-for-a-head schism
    creatures and creatures

    been looking at dinosaurs a lot recently. ive always wanted to be able to draw them. i sketched this out without reference, so i think i mightve been retaining information
    creatures and creatures

    just a quick sketch, trying to design a new squid thing, but it turned in to this guy once i realized i wasnt going anywhere good
    creatures and creatures

    started off as a sketch for the underconstruction holder page for my site, but i messed up the markers and abandoned ship
    creatures and creatures

    a dragon that works kind of like a bat, but with smell instead. semi blind, flightless cave wanderer. uses its big, high-surface-area shnoz to sniff stuff out
    creatures and creatures

    comments, critiques and questions appreciated. feels good to be drawing again
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    Hey Tom
    Looks like the rust is coming off fast for you, just keep it up more consistantly
    Nice 'critters'

    The web link in your sig needs fixed up I think.

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