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    Nude figure drawing

    Hi, I'm usually a lurker around here and I just decided to unlurk myself.

    The attached image is something I had to do in my life drawing class. The assignment was to draw 3 things a day. Although I only have one scanned here because it's the one I seem to focus on the most.

    I asked my instructor for an honest critique and made a few changes according to them (mostly about the width of the body vs. height of the head) and while she says my detail on the hands are good, I personally thought they want my death.

    I was trying to go for a realistic look but I guess I'm going to have to settle with semi-realistic. And if it matters, I had to do this by memory and guessing since I didn't have a reference in hand.

    So redlining or any advice on what I should do to fix this is greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of CGing it afterwards.

    And I'm not sure if this belongs here because this isn't entirely a doodle or work in progress as I don't know where to go from here.

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    yes it doesnt belong in this thread! read the first two threads!and PROPORTION pROBLEM>>>>>>>>>LEGS ITS IN THE LEGS...put a ruler vertically from the nose to the rt toe ...they are not in the same line..thats missing the balance...exagret the pose a little and that will look hands are good..hand drawings i mean.change er position..dont sit in front of the model while in the class...(it surely gives u a better view but avoid it..hihihihihii) get slightly cornered ..abut the face..the distance between two eyes will be a bit less.....overall NICE CONFIDENT STROKES!!!i give you 6 otta 10! GET ON GOING PAL!! show us more

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    Best you can do is put all your sketches, the 3 per day as mentioned, in a thread and ask a mod to move it to the sketchbooks section. Because, yes, you need practice on proportions and anatomy and that only will come if you draw often and keep at it.

    I agree, the hands are the best part. It seems as if you only observed that part of the body and kinda made up the rest. There's not much to be said about this picture. Instead of painting this later, i'd invest more time in doing more sketches, if i were you. Get the basics down first, before you build giant castles. You're on the right path, but you need to keep going.

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    Thanks for replying. I'll just waiting for the mods to move this thread then.
    I'll redraw it when I have the time.

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