Just want to drop you a line to invite you all to joint a fun yet challenge competition! Stylized Animal Monthly Challenge sponsored by 2DArtist Magazine and Conceptart.

Running in (CA) Community Activities section

Currently running competition is Anteater

Voting - Eagle

What is this challenge all about?
Each month we will select an animal and post some images as reference. All you have to do is create a 3d render of this creature in a stylized/abstact/cartoon style whilst keeping your creature instantly recongnizable. We wanted to publish some content in 3DCreative Magazine on how to create stylized animals such as you see in the many feature films and cartoon galleries. We thought this regular competition might bring in just the images/making ofs we need whilst giving away great prizes and exposure. If it's a success we will start to boost the prizes up as much as possible!

What are we looking for?
Funny and humourous entries which break the animal down to its most recognizable components, enphasize these in whichever ways you think best and render your stylized/abstact/cartoon masterpiece


1st Place
Any 3 items from the 3DTotal Shop. We sell lots of items these days such as Digital Art Masters book, Design Studio Press books, texture CDs, Shorts DVDs, Lots of training DVDs and 12 month subscriptions to 3DCreative Magazine and 2DArtist Magazine.

2nd Place
Any 2 items from the 3DTotal Shop.

3rd Place
Any 1 item from the 3DTotal Shop.

Joint us please!

See you all in the competitions!!