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    Uk>USA scholarship and Visa

    Hey guys, i'm 17, live in the Uk and im currently doing my A levels, and next year doing a foundation art course. The year after that i plan on going to university to hopefully do illustration, but i would really love to study in the states, in particular San Francisco. I need to do some serious research, if i start now i have a better chance of working something out hopefully, but i was just wondering if anyone has done something similar?
    Im wondering- what kind of standard is required for a scholarship
    and how do you apply for a visa, what are the conditions needed to be filled- would you need a definite place at a school to validate the visa?

    if anyone has done anything similar or has any information it would be much appreciated

    I know theres a lot of information on scholarships on here which i will read through, i guess its mostly the visa which im interested in as i can probably find out some information- but anything offered will be appreciated


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    I go to Academy of Art University in San Fran. I know many international students so it must not be difficult to get a student visa going here. You can check out check out The US visa website for more info on that.

    The scholorships for here are based entirely on your portfolio. I know 2 people who got full scholorships and they are dedicated students and had good portfolios. You dont need a portfolio to get in but you do to apply for the scholorships. Contact the admissions department for more info but I'm pretty sure they want classical realism in your portfolio since the entire Foundations year is based on it.

    There are some great teachers here too such as David Choong Lee, Henry Yan, Zhaoming Wu, Craig Nelson, and Barbara Bradley.

    good luck

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    I think im in the exact same position thinking of becoming an international student... It's summer break so i have'nt got access to UCAS and the such but maybe they can help?

    Anyone else offer any help? LeFran Email me if you get any useful info please. Ill try do the same, maybe we will get somewhere.

    Edit: probably useful
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    Im on the same boat, finding out
    how could I smuggle into San Fransisco to
    get some studying done

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    Not really in the same boat, but very interested in going to study in SF / Seattle, the states in general.

    Currently a student at the UdK Berlin (University of the Arts) and in my 4th semester already.
    However, I find I've squandered a lot of time playing games and frivolous partying etc after discovering people were in fact people and the whole idea of "university" was a bit of a let-down, but am now rocket-propelled-motivated to get on with things and draw / paint...
    The last few days for instance I've read every Loomis book, filled 2 40 page sketchbooks and may even be getting a spot to exhibit some work.

    A fresh start in a new city/country, where they speak my native language preferably (English, LoL), would hopefully seal my fate as far as my drive / determination / discipline goes: I want it to stay like this forever ! Don't trust myself around addictive things though, especially when I'm not surrounded by like-minded people (somewhat at least) : |

    Regardless, any information/experienced users with experience about exchanges / scholarships etc would be great.
    I adore the work on the CA header, my lifes ambition is to be able to render my ideas in a similar way as some of the aforementioned, featured in the header, even if it's just to do them justice and I end up being an artist of the starving variety.

    My mind is everything to me (of course I love others too), if I could just bring some of the things that have gone in it, to reality, that would be enough..."what is reality, more than electrical signals interpreted by your brain ?"..."That which when you stop believing in it, does not go away" which case, idea+master craft = profit !

    Edit: started studying very late in my 16th year of life, am now 19, I'll probably make my own post in the morning and be embarrassed by my sappy/soppy reply to this one, SORRY OP.
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