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    Thumbs up Art Investment Video with Art Market Guru Nicholas Forrest

    Art Investment Video with Art Market Guru Nicholas Forrest

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    Check out the other videos as well

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    That thing sold for 6 million dollar? *faints*

    Call me ignorant, but I wouldn't pay a cent for that.

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    you should have gone with your first instinct. The one that told you that the painting was a peice of shit. Just because some jerk off is willing to pay 6 million for something doesnt mean its good by any means. It just means there is foolish people with alot of money and nothing to do with it.

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    People can self proclaim to be art market guru's now?
    Awesome, I'll be god.
    And since I claim it, it's true!


    Also, I absolutely hate people like that and would love to burn work such as that together with a gigantic pile of crap.
    They try to give meaning to nothing, absolutely nothing.

    What you have son, are theories on why they're pushing crap like that,
    and truth be told, these people just have their head so far up their ass
    and are so in love with the person/crap artist rather than his work that
    they will accept pretty much everything at a certain point. Such as a
    crappy poor excuse for a painting going for an insanely high price.
    Probably just a patron that got some extra special "anal" time with the
    artist and decided to help him or her out with a large offering if he/she
    would pay half of it back. Or even all of it.

    There we go, can I be an art market guru too now?
    Or is it just common sense?
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