I can't say I'm very happy with this. I'm also terribly intimidated by the work on these forums, but I want to improve dearly. I'd like honest crits, but be gentle or something? I'm a beginner, and still a teen.

Here's what I plan on doing for this.

-Add a cloud of blood in the lower lefthand corner.-
-Refine the details and light source-
-Work on adding more contrast in the head closer to the 'viewer'-

Keep in mind this is a WIP and most of the details aren't even defined yet..uh..I just dunno, anything you guys think I can do to make it look better? I have yet to give up on this. Just don't rip me apart too badly. Also, if anyone can give me any tips to improve in general I'd be grateful, I am starting to draw from life much more often, and that's helping.