Hi there!

I am a bit curious how are they different from everyone else who went to an art school, who has incredibly amount of debts but shares the same dream as them. I notice that the art society today really is growing up stressing what art school to choose from and getting a degree for animation or any related art fields such as music and dancing. Did they even have many art school to choose from before and pick which one is the best? Is it pure talent and determination and maybe everything what separates them from the rest?

Sorry for the rant, but what if you don't have talent? Can talent and creativity be taught at school? And does degree and what school you attend really matters? Please, I'm looking for an answer because I'm in the middle of making my decision whether I should go to a very top-notch art university and pay $30,000 a year to get a degree. I apologize again because I am in my last year of high school and want to know these questions. From what I see nowadays, I think it matters. Please correct me.