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    A or for training videos and material?

    I was just curious if there was a site out there that offers public polls, and a database for training videos and material specifically? It would be nice to go to one site that has reviews and public oppinions on all training material, focused on any type of profession that deals with the arts.

    I'm sure some of you have been very dissapointed with perhaps a training DVD that wasnt all that it was said to be, and you already spent quite a bit of money on it (some of you anyway )...

    Maybe CA could take the time to create a simple system if there isnt one?

    Just an idea.


    Edit:: I mean it could even go as far as to collect even free tutorials, and the public could rate them, and write reviews. This huge database of collected resources for knowledge of any type for the creative person. It could even make PDFs of tutorials whos links might not work anymore in the future, and store them for the future student. like the archive website but also for more recent things...

    Edit edit:: Ugh so sorry. i forgot CA sort of did something already, which is the wiki. It needs more participants for it though, there's still quite a bit left out.
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    best idea ever

    yeah the wiki is already there, but there isnt really a way for people to communicate easily, rate dvds etc. etc.

    so yeah, sounds like a good idea!

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