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    I finally created something with photoshop that's actually finished. I'm expecting a lot of crits ofcourse. Even though I only recently started painting with photoshop I somehow feel this picture belongs here. If nobody agrees with that then it's better if it ends up in the critique center.

    It's a pretty standard setting. Average tank in an average post-apocalyptic city. I didn't went for originality but for the quality of the drawing, wich I'm still struggling with.

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    I personally feel as if this piece is not yet completed,
    and Imho should have been posted in the critique section
    of the CA forum's to receive appropriate insights and crits.
    No worries though, lets see what you have here:

    First thing that comes to mind are "values". Remember that every object
    can cast a shadow, and I personally believe you could have continued further
    with contrasting your scene. I can visualize some form of light, but it diminishes with the main
    building on the right as its completely lit up (compared to the one on the left).
    Everything (both material and substance) appears way too bright and misty.
    Which pending is ok for areas in the background...
    However, it isn't anything id recommend for things viewers will be primarily focusing on.

    My main crit would be to study from life. And considering your interested in Tanks/Vehicles,
    getting active in line work wouldn't be a bad idea. Have you started a sketchbook here? Drawing daily does not hurt.

    As for colors, most amature artists just jump into the digital world, excluding the basic principles of painting.
    You can very much learn how to paint excessively with programs like photoshop or painter pro if you follow
    the correct methods and paint from life. Some will disagree, but in the end it all comes down to colors.
    I learned how to paint with traditional mediums like oil pastels and acrylics.
    Not saying you have to do the same to understand how to paint, but it wouldn't kill you to try it out.
    Don't ever be afraid to experiment with colors, and major pinpoint that any artist will tell you would be
    to stop painting in black as a form of shading. You can simply use cooler saturated tones,
    making your art seem more believable. Black tends to make things look dirty (in a bad way).

    To put it all together, every artist starts somewhere. With enough training, you will continue improving.
    Practice makes perfect, and like anything in life, The path of an artist requires motivation, passion and sacrifice
    (*sob's* ...deep words).

    Drawing takes nothing but pencil and paper. However, becoming a true artist is a life learning process.

    Keep at it

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    Yo Kyro

    Don't get too bumbed out if this one gets moved to CC. It's a pretty good start to digital painting, it reflects a good attitude towards your work.

    Technically the two main things bothering me is lighting/colour (too dull mate!) and composition. Lighting/Colouring: I know this is a post apocalyptic city and it's not suppose to be all LSD colourful, but you still want to work more colour into it - very vaguely and very subtle just to make it pop. If you get a chance, check out Mikko.K's sketchbook and see how much colour he puts into his work.

    Composition: Your placing of the tank is making your piece heavy on the left side with little to counterbalance it on the right. Put your tank more toward the middle of the comp or place the background scenery (currently behind the tank) on the right. Think that might help it along...

    EDIT ^What BOOM said (god he's so smart isn't he?). Also check this out:

    Start yourself a sketchbook, and keep posting.
    Brendan Noeth

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    wow. I didn't expect to get that much feedback. I really appreciate it that you guys take the time to criticize on my drawing. It's really helpfull, because I know from myself that I hardly draw from life. In the meantime I'm already busy with my next drawing (wich I will post in the critique center). I will have that finished by tomorrow. And thank you so very much, Brendan, that you also posted that link. I've been looking for ages to find that site!

    And I've already started a sketchbook. right here

    Now I need to get back to work.


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