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But for books that are not still in copyright which are on the Digital library of India they can be downloaded using the DLI downloader (which they don't mind you using, and was written because the DLI site is ridiculous) that downloads all the TIFF files and then compiles them into one pdf file. You can find the barcodes for each book here, and you enter them into the downloader and that's it

There are several dead links here of books from the DLI that you can download this way

Here's a screenshot of downloading 'Blanchard Jerrold, 1891. Life Of Gustave Dore':

I checked, one of the Rockwell books (My adventures as an illustrator) is in the 'Copyright freed' section, can't find the other one. You can't download copyrighted material from the DLI, so if it's downloadable it's seemingly fine (most probably)
Thankee kindly sir for pointing me to this.