This is just some stuff I've done in spare time between work/class, not really professional or anything but it was time-consuming to say the least.

this one was fun to do. The basic idea is to just start with a curve and extend it around as far as you can, creating more curves in different directions and dead ends, much like one of those circle puzzles.

This is the first of a series I was trying out, in which the concept is that the thicker a line is, the more depth it should show. It really helps to flesh out basic stick-figures and wire frames and creates a sort of quasi-background that can be used as reference.

this one was just an exercise of silliness. Big, fat lines and curves are really fun to draw sometimes.

Now this I actually did while at work on the back of an order pad, so it explains why it's so narrow. I dunno where I was going with it, maybe an Aztec design or something?

I'll probably post some more "refined" work in the near future.