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    This is how I got work done while on vacation to the beach.
    Name:  camp studio_LaneBrown.jpg
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    Welcome to my world... It's just a shame i cant have my full drum kit setup...
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    So this is my battle station
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    Okay, I'll bite on this one and show some pics of my studio space then. The first is a panoramic shot of my studio space as the room divider is on the left which helps block out the strong sunlight, especially in summer. Imagine the heat rising on the third floor. Not fun even when it makes the iMac heat up faster. Very annoying.

    Name:  IMG_3066.jpg
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    Second shows a close up. The drafting desk is old and has been with me for years and that videophone is situated closely against the wall. I plan to move it somewhere else closer to my computer once I re-arrange the space. The device is handy to communicate with deaf people on screen and it's subsidized by the government but I use Skype or FaceTime if needed with other people who are not deaf. To note, I have no landline except for my iPhone which I rely with the 24/7 data plan as it blocks ALL incoming voice calls and telemarketers ( silence IS bliss, then again it could lead to madness without any music or someone to talk to ). Clients or friends would have to reach me via email, text or video conferencing.

    Name:  IMG_3069-EDITED.jpg
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    Third shows another wall scroll of Vampire Hunter D by my drafting desk along with the famous GITS wall scroll in front by Shirow Masamune.

    Name:  IMG_3070.jpg
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    Fourth is a close up of my digital workstation. I really need to ditch this computer desk as it's flimsy and prefer something wider and longer for more elbow room, and higher of course so I can work standing up if needed. And dump that large chair which can be unhealthy if I slouch and rely on on the stool chair. I do have an adapter to hook up an extra monitor which I've an old LCD in the back of my place, to the iMac. Been thinking about it for a long time. Besides, having a new workstation desk will help cut down on my RSI or tendonitis big time.

    Name:  IMG_3071-EDITED.jpg
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    Fifth is my library in the corner next to my fencing gear and guitar ( I'm hard of hearing so I use the Grado headphones for private listening), so I'm only a beginner on this. It helps me relax and think.

    Name:  IMG_3072-EDITED.jpg
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    And lastly is of my grand library which I've built up from over the years and some old books that are not there anymore which were donated or sold to Barnes and Noble to make room. A framed lithograph poster of the Marquis signed by Guy Davis hangs on the wall hovering above other collectibles and trinkets I find inspiring.

    Name:  IMG_3074.jpg
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