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    Talking Tattooed girl, oil on panel

    .Tattooed girl, oil on panel.
    Naomi commission
    2008 BME Portrait Calendar
    8 x 10
    oil on panel

    I love it! This painting was done in almost half the time as the last one. I knew this project would help me get faster at painting. I'm excited.
    The flesh tones are Ace! I have Mike Hussar and Dan Dos Santos to thank for that. Their suggests of colour pallet changes made all the difference in the world and the use of black really sped up the processes.

    If you'd like to see the progress you can here:

    I'd like to try more bolder under paintings like I did in this one. It made the pale creamy flesh tone more realistic.

    .Tattooed girl, oil on panel.

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    Heh. you scared people writing love confession comment to your own piece. But I'm with you on this, I love this piece too.
    I agree black works wonderfully in this piece. It like a gruesome frame, keeps everything together, wraps around girl's body and adds drama. I like the imitation of velvet fabric too.
    Truly history repeats itself... those arabesque on women cloth and luxury's fabrics and love to thick black mascara and black nail polish and decadence already were popular. 100 years ago.
    I like the greenish goth-like tones on the skin and in contrast to it her healthy, vigorous torso, breasts, neck, a bit heavy forehead, chin... I like in general this contradiction, her healthy, strenuous, full of life forces body and the mood in the picture: melancholic, decadent, with submissive pose and light inclination of her head. And her glance a bit heavy, passionate and suppressed in the same time. Interesting model, she has something persistent, massive, physical in her appearance and in the same time her body makes such a soft, feminine curve leaning to the tree.
    I got an impression you gave her more spirit than she might had. I think she looks like a very material girl so to speak, you tried to make her a weightless goddess with those greenish tones. Her flesh prevails though, she looks like very earthy woman, IMO.

    Painting's beautiful... if you want to hear some crits, I think the roots of the tree with sharp outline is too active, I wish you dissolved them more in the air... I would say that this area in the painting is too active in general,IMO, it competes with beautiful face of the girl very strongly, it has almost the same light value and my eyes slips from the most significant part of the image to this naked meaningless spot of soil and it is really shouldn't be a competitor for my attention with the girl's face, IMO.
    My favorite parts of the image,. although i love all of it, but still the most favorite are her persisting eyes, her heavy glance, her breasts, the way they part and go in opposite direction like wide free powerful waves, her top, the fabric of it, very good imitation, this active pink on the black, and the wonderful trees wrapped in the cool early evening air. Those are lovely.

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    Very well done. I think the background could stand to be a little lesst sharp, but overall it's great.

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    Those flesh tones are gorgeous. I bet this painting is even more beautiful in person.
    I agree that the background is a little too sharp and too close in value to the skin tone...I would try to show less sky.

    Apart from that small things, this is a very thoughtful seems like the colors are almost stuggling to be jarring, but they interact so beautifully. It works very well.

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    very nice...

    teach me some techniques.. please. i am a begginer in painting..
    i am fine arts student and i need some advices.. i saw your work and it's very beautiful..

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    This looks sharp!
    BIG jump from your last pieces in my opinion.
    I'm happy to hear that I had some small contribution.

    I agree with the above comments that the BG is bit too contrasty.
    You have a full range of values in there, from black all the way to white.
    Usually, it's nice to preserve these for the focal area.

    It would be really easy to apply a very light glaze over the sky
    mix up a nice color (maybe a greenish yellow or a violet) using only transparent pigments and a lot of medium, and wash it over the sky.
    This will reduce the white a bit, make the figure stand out more, and add harmony to the hues.
    Nothing drastic, just enough to help push it back.
    OR... just keep it mind for the next one.

    If you have any questions about glazing, feel free to PM me.
    Otherwise, it looks like you are progressing at a killer rate.
    Keep it up.

    - Dan Dos Santos

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