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    Input on images..

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    i really like that hand in the second one!


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    Hey, thanks..

    I love to draw hands for some reason. Here is another you may enjoy:

    Hand and Seed

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    Jul 2002
    these have an interesting visual quality to them. what are you using? it looks like you are doing a lot of lassoing and gradients. correct?

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    that old guy has some good hand writing .. or is it a manual?

    i like your style - it is different. i dont think it will do well with a comic but what the fuck do i know right!? i am definately not a creditable opinion but, an opinion none the less. i think it wouldnt work because it looks to designerly for a comic. i like my comics oily .. fine artsy .. much like the art i enjoy looking at. this stlye looks much like an advetisement.
    if you were to show me a picture of the ninja turtles i would say the same damn negative thing, nope! never .. i am tring to give you my honest opinion and conflicting advice in which i think if you stick to it, it can happen. so take it for what it is worth. i enjoyed your artwork, thank you for sharing and reading my somewhat harsh opinions.


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    Thanks for the input. I understand what you mean, killing, and appreciate what you are saying. I was just looking for some different style than the stuff you tend to see today.. you know, the Image style. Not that it is bad or anything.. it's just become too common, I think, and because of that it has lost some of it's original power.

    Another reason why I choose to go with this look (which was created in Illustrator by the way, keyth. You could get the same effect in PS with laso/gradients.. but it would probably take a whole lot more work) was that I wanted to create something that could be presented on the web through Flash. Although it would be nice to get this published, I'll just stick it up online when it's done and see what happens. I am just making it for myself at this point. I'm sure I'll try sumitting it eventually though and hopefully the story and artwork will be strong enough to take it someplace.

    The old guy.. I call him my Freud Wannabe. He plays the role of a psycologist in the story. But he does have some great handwriting.. I'll give him that.

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    Jul 2002
    i say go for it. why not? different=good

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    yummy vectors ozhgolzl! (name?) Did they take long?

    I wonder if the visual appeal of this stuff holds up well in motion...I'd be interested to see, post the link when it's up

    It's got to be more than a memory, or is life just a fantasy and a piss in the sand?
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    Thanks Snowfly.. and will do (post a link, I mean). These do take a bit of time but I think I am getting better with the format little by litte.

    I was thinking that Flash may be the way to go when I started this project but now I am wondering. Some images (like the "Shoeless Body" linked above) will end up being huge in FLash.. plus I am starting to get inspired to try out other things. Painter being one of them. So much fine work I see here in that format I am kind of anxious to try it out. Plus I am starting to think that I may be able to animate the bitmaps like I was originally going to animate the vectors. Just small, subtle movements. No real big movement. Well, I'll see how I feel when I get this done Hmm... I guess I don't want to change styles in the middle of this project. Maybe the next chapter I draw out.. But maybe not. I'll see how I feel then. I do need to try out Painter though. Just curious.. Is a tablet required to get maximum potential out of Painter? I've got a very old tablet and never really turned on to it.

    Speaking of which.. anybody ever hear of the tablet PC? I guess they are going to start being relaesed Nov 7th. Kind of skeptical.. but who knows?

    Well, this is a new one I did today:

    Running down the road.

    The ladies face looks a bit strange to me.. Head too big?

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    LOL, yea all these Painter images can sidetrack you, but you already have such a cool style in Illustrator, I'd encourage you not to ditch it completely.

    You could be right about file sizes, but even then, don't you get much more detail per Kb with vectors than you do with bitmaps? (altho we're talking 2 different visual styles)

    Anyway, your image... the face. yeah kinda strange, looks kindof manly. And the costume, lavender dress and white basketball shoes? Overall it seems static, especially considering the scenario.
    The colors and the textures are interesting, and the car seems very well done. Man, I'm boring myself.... keep posting!

    btw, these guys styles are cool.. simple & attractive. And the women are beautiful. Cybele Jason Brooks

    Last edited by Snowfly; October 1st, 2002 at 12:54 AM.
    It's got to be more than a memory, or is life just a fantasy and a piss in the sand?
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  12. Last time I bump this.. I promise.

    I have just been working on this for the last couple days..

    This is meant to show that the lady smoking is a little on edge. I think you have a point, Snowfly, that perhaps this lady is looking a little masculine. I want to show a lot of emotion on her face and I have a tendency to add a few extra worry lines to the face because of that. I don't know how well that is translating.. I think the more that I break up the features the more masculine it looks. But I don't want to give her smooth skin either because I don't know if that shows her state of mind. I'm torn because I think the lines on the face convey emotion (maybe?) but I think they also make her look a little rough. You were talking about one of the images above when you mentioned she looked masculine(and that image has its own problems) I know.. but you've got me thinking about it in this image too.

    And Flash.. You do get more bang for your buck with the vectors, but the texturing is what is going to bog these down. The textures add a lot of nodes to the image. But I like the textures.

    Well, like I say, I won't bump this thread anymore. I just wanted to post one more image is all.

    Thanks for all the input

    Very nice links, by the way. Thanks for those too. And the words of encouragement. The more I think about it the more I doubt I'll change to a raster image in these stories. I am kinda liking where this is going. ANd I think I am getting better with this .ai format.

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