Hello! Hello! Goodmorning!

I'm very excited about an upcoming charity benefit being organised in my community. Breaking the Ties is a celebration of diversity and expression through artistic means. Performers and artists from around our community, but also from throughout the state of Colorado have been invited to participate. I've been told that international participation is more than acceptable. The charity we're going to raise money for (through silent auction and a night of performances) is called Rainbow Alley, the only GLBTQ youth house in Denver. Are you interested!?

+Artists with a HIGH standard of quality and professionalism. I've seen the level of work here, and it's phenomenal.
+Artists willing to donate a piece of art to be auctioned. 100 per cent of the proceeds go to Rainbow Alley.
+Artists who want to help promote expression.

If you're interested, and have a high quality of work, please, get in contact with me! We would love the addition of national, or international artists willing to donate a piece for auction!
Have a great day!