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    Post New, inspired by past generations

    I try, they say my photographs are good, but how good are they really?

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    #1 - I'm too busy trying to figure out what's going on here to really form a good opinion of it. Because all but that string is out of focus, my eye travels directly to it. And since it leads right out of the side of the frame, I basically have to force my eye to notice the rest of the shot. A different focal point would help, but there are definitely some composition issues with that string leading the eye away from everything.

    #2 - From a technical standpoint, it's not a bad shot. But the composition and subject matter aren't all that interesting to me. The depth of field is so deep that nothing stands out, and the colors are really bland. Some post-processing could have salvaged it a bit.

    #3 - Same problems as #2. Crooked horizon, deep DoF, bland colors. I like the rocks and feel like some creative cropping, a shallower DoF, and a little contrast adjustment in post-processing would have made an excellent shot.

    #4 - My favorite of the set. It's very sharp, and I like the angle. I would love to see it in full color. Again, as before, a shallower DoF would have made this incredible. With the vehicles behind it being in sharp focus, they distract a bit from the main subject. Obviously the whites are a tad blown out too, but I've never been one to complain about that too much...I prefer a lot of contrast, so occasionally I blow out the highlights intentionally. Have you looked into HDR (High Dynamic Range)? This shot would have been a perfect candidate for it.

    Overall, you've clearly got some eye for photography. You just need to practice and read up. Don't get into the habit of shooting subjects that you think are mandatory to "artistic" photography unless you really think they're interesting too. That's a lesson I'm learning...if you don't find the subject all that interesting, you won't go out of your way to make the shot interesting.

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    Wow thats some good crits, Shudaroni! When I get around to doing a post please crit me.

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