Hey everyone, ok first post.
I'm hosting an exhibition in Nottingham UK and thought i'd share it with you all here. The exhibition will include work that later became part of the last My Dying Bride album. Other artists included have worked with many bands including The Smashing Pumpkins, Narcosis, Fantomas and many more. Although this is a UK exhibition it will run online for two weeks after the live show has ended.

Get in touch if you would either like to join us (uk artists only this year - NOTE we have only two spaces left) or come along and see the exhibition. There will also be prints available at the show then online after. It would be great to have your support in an area often ignored by the art community, i'm sure many here would agree.


Darkwave Art

Danse Macabre - where fear and dread mix with anticipation and longing

Like the archetypal White Rabbit, follow the artists as they take you on a labyrinthine journey through their weird and wonderful worlds. Experience the piquant thrill of the unknown – fear and dread mixing with anticipation and longing. Be enthralled as they guide you by the hand through a shadowy netherworld, marvel at the haunting, ethereal beauty and shudder at the macabre and grotesque sights you behold. When you return again to the here-and-now, you'll be safe in the knowledge it was all a dream. But was it?

This exhibition brings together artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines whose work explores the darker aspects of the subconscious mind. Ephemeral and faded beauty sits side-by-side with dark and brooding imagery; a haunting Otherworld of the imagination. This is a revival of the true essence and romance of the Gothic, stimulating a frisson of pleasure in the viewer; the exotic, sinister car????? has come to town with its sideshows offering tantalising glimpses of strange and fantastic creatures; an unsettling mix of wonder and fear.

This exhibition runs from October 30th until November 6th 2007 at View From The Top , a gallery situated on the 4th floor of Waterstones bookstore in the heart of Nottingham's city centre.

It is anticipated that this will be an on-going annual event celebrating all that is dark, sinister, ethereal and Gothic in a variety of artistic forms as well as providing the opportunity to buy affordable, original artwork and prints.

Artist submissions contact:
Matt Vickerstaff - info@darkwaveart.co.uk