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    Dog anatomy and poses. Help please?

    Well here I am again, after wandering around this place for awhile I am finally posting something else. I must say its been awhile. Here we have dog poses the first one I think I managed to pull it off pretty well, the second one is okay... but i think there is something wrong with the anatomy of the upper body. The third one, is well not really good. I know theres something wrong with it I just cant pin point what it is. Well please crit, especially on anatomy, im trying to get the basics flowing so.. well here you go.

    First Picture- Dog sitting
    Dog anatomy and poses. Help please?

    Second Picture- Dog howling
    Dog anatomy and poses. Help please?

    Third Picture- Dog laying down
    Dog anatomy and poses. Help please?

    Ps- Sorry for the bad quality, I dont have a scanner yet, so I have to use my cell phone.

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    Were you working from a photo/live ref with these?

    My suggestion would be to study dog anatomy a bit. You can do a search on Google and find some pretty good images of skeletons, muscle structure and live dogs in these very same poses. Understanding dog physiology will help you construct them better.

    As for your drawings, here are a few suggestions for areas to pay close attention to:

    1) The neck and chest area, as well as the front legs. Here the neck is too long and the chest too far out. The back looks pretty good.
    2) Hard to tell, but I think the head (or muzzle) is too small. Also, study feet and toes.
    3) Neck, shoulders and back legs. The shoulders could be lower here, and the torso a little shorter.

    All in all I think your first one was the most successful, though I do like the face on the third guy. But take a look at dog anatomy and see if that helps at all.

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    These werent really from a photo, parts from my mind then when I got stuck I would use a reference photo. I should have a redo or more done tonight. So look later. thanks

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