Needs fixin' *not work safe*
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    Needs fixin' *not work safe*

    So many things went wrong on this picture I can’t believe I got it this far. I hate how it turned out, but since I spent probably well over 9 hours on it I figured I’d get some crits on it.

    There were a few things I didn’t notice when I first started this piece, first of all there are TWO light sources which threw me through a loop because I didn’t notice it at first, I just kept thinking “man these are some weird shadows” until I realized what it was.

    Then after doing all that work on the body I realized I drew the head to small, this was after I was well into the shading phase. So it looks like I just did an okay job on the body then I just threw up where the face is supposed to be. I guess I need to practice doing shaded piece of faces.

    Oh one more thing I should note is that; no I didn’t just “skip” the feet, the picture ends there. Well, I guess I’d better learn something from this. I’m at a loss for what to do with this to improve it. I'd really like to make it an acceptable piece of art, but I'm gonna need some help from you guys out there.

    EDIT: I've added a "not work safe" tag on it, sorry I forgot. I also took out the face because I feel I just messed it up to bad.

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