For those in, or traveling to, the American Northwest: Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle will host an exhibit of fantasy and science fiction artwork throughout April. The line up looks top notch. If I were in the area, I'd be sure not to miss it.

April 13th 2007 - "Amazing Visions" group show co-curated by Travis Louie Artists: Matt Wilson, Wayne Barlowe, James Gurney, H.R. Giger, Charles Vess, John Brophy, Terese Neilsen, Kuniko Y Craft, Vincent Di Fate, Vince Natale, Don Maitz, Gregory Manchess, Jeremy Bennett, Brian Despain, Brom, Mark Garro, Stephen Hickman, Chet Zar, James Warhola, Kirk Reinert, Basil Gogos, Dave DeVries, Donato Giancola, Miles Teves, Bob Eggleton, Omar Rayyan, Joe DiVito, Tristan Elwell, Daniel De Santos, Gabe Marquez...and more.