hey CA friends,
i turn 18 in august. i just graduated high school. since i was born in germany while my dad was in the military, i can choose between citizenship in germany or the states. i really don't have that much goin' for me here. no girlfriends or anything, just planned on going to the community college for some basic credits and some basic art stuff, then if my grades are good enough, perhaps an art college. the place i live is pretty much inthe middle of bum-fugg. it is a dead-end town. if i don't get out, i won't be able to do anything much with my life. i don't want to stick around and become a local hick that hangs around McDonalds all day and gets wasted every night. would it be wise of me to move? if i did move, would there be anyone in germany in need of a roomate ? thanks guys.