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    Considering moving... need help

    hey CA friends,
    i turn 18 in august. i just graduated high school. since i was born in germany while my dad was in the military, i can choose between citizenship in germany or the states. i really don't have that much goin' for me here. no girlfriends or anything, just planned on going to the community college for some basic credits and some basic art stuff, then if my grades are good enough, perhaps an art college. the place i live is pretty much inthe middle of bum-fugg. it is a dead-end town. if i don't get out, i won't be able to do anything much with my life. i don't want to stick around and become a local hick that hangs around McDonalds all day and gets wasted every night. would it be wise of me to move? if i did move, would there be anyone in germany in need of a roomate ? thanks guys.


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    not helpfull but .. can't you have dual citizenship ?

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    i thought you were kidding when you said that to me yesterday.

    from here, i can't say germany is all that great.
    i live in germany, in the middle of nowhere and i just wish i lived in the states. you have so many great things at hand... art center, ringling and the like. there is nothing like that in germany.
    things are much more expensive here: when i heard you can have a lewvis jeans for a few bucks in the states, i considered flying over just for shopping. you pay like 50 euros for a levis here.
    also, you can't have adsl at every place in germany and IF you can get, it is expensive as hell. (compared to states price)
    things are pretty fucked up here as well.

    if you'd like to have that back-to-the-roots trip with germany and all that, it'd be wiser, imho, to make a good large trip to germany, like, some months, just touring around, staying where you like what you see, travelling through when you see shit...
    there are quite a few german members here at ca and i bet more than half of them would have interest in hanging around with you while you are here.

    my advice: trip to germany, move to larger city in the states.

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