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    art fundamentals course

    im looking for an art fundamentals course.. want to work towards being a concept artist but i have no art background. which sch has the best program? or could you recommend some good programs?

    its said that one should major in illustration for concept art but i don't like the look of illustration.. i prefer the fine arts..
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    One of the doods (I think it's a girl actually?) has a link to a concept drawing topic here on concept art. Maybe that would be something to try?

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    You can major in painting if you like, but you will have to have flexible profs who will let you focus on doing concept inspired work, or work on your own time.

    What TYPE of concept art were you wanting to do? Maquettes, storyboarding, keyframes, matte painting, chara/prop/environment design, 3D modeling, etcetc! This will also help you find the right program.

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    You're right to want to start with traditional, fine art representational skills. If you have no background and want to build a portfolio, take a look at the July Learn to Draw program at Max the Mutt, are located in downtown Toronto. This program offers daily instructed life drawing in the AM and two weeks of Perspective and Structural drawing and two weeks of Principles of Drawing ( using still life to teach basic concepts) in the afternoons.

    All our diploma programs share a first year that is devoted to developing these skills plus painting in oil, design and composition, and color theory and water based media. This is a very strong program. We are dedicated to keeping tuition affordable and, as an artist and animator run school, our main motivation is art - not money (which doesn't mean that we don 't aim to pay everyone a fair wage). Our classes are small and we care about every student. The industry has told us that one of the most impressive things about our graduate shows is the high standard of ALL graduates. Do I sound proud? You bet I am - but not complacent. We are constantly evaluating what we're doing to see how it could be done better. If you want to speak with someone, call 1-877-486-MUTT.Ask for me or Van Olson.
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