Hey everyone. Um, I'm hoping this' the right place for this...

So I've decided to take up sculpting, and to be honest I don't know the first thing about it. However, I've got a project in mind that I eventually want to have a go at some day. Those of you who every played the video game "Sparkster" / "Rocketknight Adventures", will know this character right off the bat. I've only got one side-on sketch ready at the moment, but here's my side-on concept sketch for the model:

Sparkster: A model I hope to make.

It was kinda sparked by some random fan-art I did a while back, the bottom half of the pic:


Anyway... I know I'm not going to be able to pull this stunt off without getting injuries on the smaller ramps first, but that's the direction I want to head over to (apparently using clay initially with a vinyl finish, or so my friend says). Soooo, I guess I'm just asking what you guys think of the sketch really, and also what I should start out with on my road to sculpting, and even if the sculpture is practical.

I'm pretty sure it can support it's own weight, most of the weight on the upper half of the body will be supported by his large feet and also the sword, and it'll be about 6" tall. I also want to try and paint it (in fairly vibrant colours) at the end of it all if that helps.

I'd really appreciate any feedback, and of course constructive criticism is welcomed more than "lol kul" comments. But... those are good too. Thanks in advance and yeah, CA looks like a cool community.