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Thread: Real-life experience

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    Real-life experience

    This has been bugging me for quite some time; exactly how much does real-world painting experience help you with painter? I'm not sure if I don't know enough about the program itself, or if it's mearly the result of my nearly non-existant experience with traditional media. The same goes for digital art in general. Should you learn to paint in "real life" before you attempt serious digital pieces? Any opinion or advice would be appreciated.
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    I've heard Jason say before that if he finds a person that can paint very well traditionally he can teach them to use a painting program in a couple days and they pump out awesome stuff. I would say if you are able go the traditional route first.
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    I jumped into Painter7 and I had some trouble with it...

    Im learning to oil paint right now. I feel I draw with pencil and paper very well, but I had trouble getting used to drawing with a tablet (it might have been my tablet, I had the cheapest wacom you can buy)

    I think that once I feel I am better at oil painting, im goign to get a nice Wacom tablet and try again. I think Ill have better results.

    so like MCM said, work on your traditional skills first and then hop into digital painting.
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    It's basically the same with any new software you're tyring to learn – you have to have something that you want it to do for you.

    If you already know how to paint traditionally, you will be already familiar with what paint should do. So when you sit down in front of the computer, you will have a whole set of things you want the program to do for you. Then you're really just learning a new method for something you already know how to do, not learning everything (how to paint and how to use Painter) all at the same time.
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    I think the problem you are having is that you have not practiced enough painting with your stylus. It's helpful to know traditional media, but all it will give you is practice. My suggestion to you is to learn the techical aspects of Painter. Look at it like this, you can't except to take good pictures if you don't know how to use a camara. The same applies to Painter, Oil paints, ink, etc. You should learn color theory, and design to make good images. You get brush/stylus control with practice. To get different effects in a digital paint program you will need to create different brushes and sometimes use the mouse to mimic the tapping action you use with traditional brushes to make different textures like clouds, grass, leaves... All you have to do is practice and read Painter's manual, so you know what the program can do and it's workflow... All you need is practice. Getting used to a digital table is pretty annoying and frustrating, so just practice alot. Hope that helps. The only traditional media that will really help you get used to your stylus is a pencil or pen. You should practice drawing alot also. It will take years of practice and alot if determination to get good. Later.


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