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    She's on break - now what?

    So my predicament --

    I've got this lovely little mecha pilot girl taking a smoke break on the shoulder of her machine but I don't know what else to do with it...DO I need to do anything with it? I'm sure you guys can rip this apart.

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    The Background is perhaps a little dull? Consider a horizon and maybe other similar machines to put the subject into context/scale. Up the detail on the mech too maybe?
    Have fun - this really shows promise! I like the character design and attitude.

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    Maybe more detailing of the shown mecha part would help in the interpretation... I didn't know that was supposed to be a shoulder (or a mecha) that she is standing on. Perhaps the contrast between the wide strokes you are using for the character and background and a more detailed (mechanical?) mecha in the image may bring out both through contrast in style.

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    honestly, this looks like a mid-stage work. you're not quite finished, but you're getting there. her scarf and dress are blowing in the wind.. but i dont really 'feel' any wind. make us believe its really there by having it affect pther things in the environment. it aslo looks boring, everything has a sort of bright white light on it, so just where is she and what time of day is it??

    try asking questions like that and use color, shadow and texture to answer them. keep it up - JAG
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    Quote Originally Posted by smashpansy
    I don't know what else to do with it...DO I need to do anything with it?
    Finish it.
    It's rough, in a "sloppy/unfinished" way, not in a "loose/suggestive" way.

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