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    scribbles 'n things (traditional & digital)

    Name:  schilderij 2012-04 tijger wip9 final.jpg
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    WELCOME stranger, to my SKETCHBOOK. Have some wine. Take a seat.

    SKIP to the last page for new work!
    Of course, if you want to see my travels from reasonable to approaching allright, feel free to follow my travels.

    Update: Important books that help you improve to draw and paint

    Burne Hogarth: figure drawing. Some hate it, others love it. But regardless, a wealth of information to help draw human figures from the head.
    James Gurney: Colour & Light. Very good, easy to understand book on painting. With limited palettes, gamut mapping & much more.
    Kevin D. Macpherson: Fill your Oil paintings with color and light. Great book to learn to break down paintings in manageable steps. Step 1: start with major shapes, step 2: add details

    ConceptArt. Be inspired.
    A Gurney Journey: blog by James Gurney on everything painting.
    Muddy Colors: an illustration collective blog. Dan Dos Santos, Donato Giancola & others offer tips, tricks, musings.
    Stapleton Kearns: blog by painter Stapleton Kearns. Musings but also gems of valuable information.

    In these pages you will find my sketches and paintings.
    I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, although I've had a few quiet years.
    Recently, about a year ago, I started getting more serious about improving my drawing abilities.
    However, since I like all kinds of things and considering I'm quite chaotic, I find it hard to discipline myself into that.

    Like everyone here, I wish to improve my drawing skills > all of them.
    So, I will try to turn up production levels a notch or two, and I hope some of you will find the time to comment on my stuff.

    Rip it apart, be constructive, be helpful, show me my errors and I will take them to heart, cry in a corner and then improve with your suggestions in mind!
    Then again, I'm quite stubborn, so I might take a while to implement your suggestions.

    Update: 07th of May 2011
    Right, 2010 was a good year for drawing, but I did not produce enough.
    Two pages in a sketchbook It's a start, but that's all.
    So, let's see if I can make 2011 a better year. Draw! Paint! Create!

    These cupids were inked with a dip pen.
    Yeah I like comics/cartoons too, and I've been heavily influenced by
    reading Disney's Donald Duck comics as a kid.

    These rats were all done from photo reference (apart from the skull/see through rat).
    I was trying to get the shape and form under control so I could then use it to draw a rat from the heart.
    I then drew this for the cover of a scientific study to the effects of XTC (or MDMA) on the brain, carried out by my ex-girlfriend.
    I think it turned out nice, apart from the letters.

    Some scribbles, including an explanation for the seemingly large alien eyes.
    It's a fraud! It's like 9/11 all over again. Times a 1000.

    And another heron; as some emperor. This was printed on t-shirts.

    Oh. And may this year rock all of your socks off, all of you!
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