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    Isn't it strange

    This is retorical rambling.

    Isn't it strange that game studios use the ide of AAA titles and other titles.

    I mean, it's like a movie studio working on a shit title.
    Come on, we don't want to make boring, ugly games, no matter what the budget just like film makers don't want to make boring ugly films.

    It's strange that game studios, who want to have brilliant, kickass track sheets even consider doing bad games for weak budgets and weaker deadlines with no quality control.
    "Just get it out there".

    As if the publisher/financier will come back for more when the last title didn't make a buck.

    Professional suicide. If you can't do it right then don't do it all.
    I'm sick and tired of studios taking the crew for granted and every (game) production has crunch mode. I'm sick and tired of saving the production managers and marketing managers asses ever time the powers that be put up unrealistic production deadlines, promising too much to the money man (publisher, or who ever is fronting the development costs).

    I'm never working crunch mode again. They expect professionals but can't do their own f****** jobs.

    I'm sick and tired of working with lame 3D artists that don't know jack s*** about art, colors, harmony, balance, and lame a** programmers that don't understand anti aliasing, kerning, or ever other aspect of presenting something clearly on screen.

    How the f*** am I supposed to do my art direction job when the team isn't interested in quality?

    It's my job to make it look good, so damn right I'll be criticing the crews' work when it looks like s***.

    Will someone in the gaming industry please learn from the feature animation industry on how to do things. Production logistics from the film industry is easiely applied on the game industry.

    Wake up! The people I'm talking about know who you are. If you came looking for a job at my studio you would never get it.

    I'm pissed, tired, frustrated and hoping that the next production I work on are family loving professionals who know their shit.

    So tell me, who's the best studio out there, both in film's (animation) and in games? Where do I want to work if I what to have time for my family and make brilliant, creative work that rocks?

    Have a better one,

    "To achive the impossible you have to attempt the absurd."

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    just let it all out man

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    Leopoldo El Rambling

    "To achive the impossible you have to attempt the absurd."

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    Better don´t work in the ads ... this all ounds strangely familiar ...

    <Insert witty remark here>

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