Art: Photos from Kenya RESSURECTED!!!

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    Photos from Kenya RESSURECTED!!!

    EDIT: It's a long while ago I first started this thread. For those who have seen it already, look down a few posts to see new pictures!

    I've never really looked in the photography section of this forum before, but now I did, and decided to share some of my photos from the visit I did to Kenya last summer. We were a group of 15 staying in Kenya for 5 weeks in June and july of 2006. It's truly one of the most beautiful countries you can visit, if you ever get a chance to visit Africa, do it! There's lions there, you know!

    All photos here are shown as is, meaning the only thing I've done with them is resize them. That's why some may not be as compositionally good as others, as I don't crop them or anything..

    1. A really big flower
    Name:  P1020367.jpg
Views: 1821
Size:  69.7 KB

    2. View of The Great Rift Valley
    Name:  P1020417.jpg
Views: 1687
Size:  47.4 KB

    3. Sunset over the trees. It really was this colour, it was reeeaally wierd watching!
    Name:  P1020617.jpg
Views: 1653
Size:  49.0 KB

    4. Random hills
    Name:  P1020710.jpg
Views: 1624
Size:  68.8 KB

    5. I just love those flowers!
    Name:  P1020740.jpg
Views: 1622
Size:  77.8 KB

    6. View over the Masai Mara national park
    Name:  P1020741.jpg
Views: 1592
Size:  69.2 KB

    7. A bit blurry, but I think it's cool. I think it's a bushbuck
    Name:  P1020758.jpg
Views: 1575
Size:  50.6 KB

    8. Hey, it's Pumba!
    Name:  P1020760.jpg
Views: 1569
Size:  134.6 KB

    Okay, 8 of over 1500 pics is pretty lame. More to come!

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    Okay, here's some more right away. Gotta start pumping them out as soon as possible if were going to get somewhere near 1500!

    9. Some kind of spitting cobra, if I remember correctly...
    Name:  P1020819.jpg
Views: 1532
Size:  83.1 KB

    10. Ooh yes, we saw them lions! And lots of 'em!
    Name:  P1020833.jpg
Views: 1496
Size:  61.9 KB

    11. They're as cuddly as little cats, they are!
    Name:  P1020839.jpg
Views: 1481
Size:  122.0 KB

    12. Aren't they just the most beautiful creatures on earth?
    Name:  P1020849.jpg
Views: 1498
Size:  109.8 KB

    13. Sadly we were a bit far away as the big male yawned.
    Name:  P1020856.jpg
Views: 1435
Size:  63.7 KB

    Name:  P1020857.jpg
Views: 1434
Size:  65.9 KB

    15. This is what being a lion is all about: you lie in the sun...
    Name:  P1020861.jpg
Views: 1422
Size:  97.0 KB

    16. Yawn a little...
    Name:  P1020862.jpg
Views: 1392
Size:  94.6 KB

    17. And fall asleep. Oh yeah, what a life style!
    Name:  P1020863.jpg
Views: 1399
Size:  94.0 KB

    18. More lions
    Name:  P1020877.jpg
Views: 1373
Size:  78.2 KB

    19. Again, blurry, but what can you do?
    Name:  P1020891.jpg
Views: 1368
Size:  16.8 KB

    20. Mighty creatures
    Name:  P1030012.jpg
Views: 1378
Size:  124.5 KB

    21. This was often the case when we were out on safaris. Just a bit closer!
    Name:  P1030015.jpg
Views: 1367
Size:  57.0 KB

    22. We saw so many zebras it turned into a joke: "This safari was really great, But it'd been better if we had seen some zebras!"
    Name:  P1030018.jpg
Views: 1358
Size:  111.1 KB

    More to come as I get of my lazy ass and resize them...

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    Try and post the most artsy, we're very protective of our artsiness over here.

    For example I quite like the Bushbuck one, because the deer isn't blurry (except for limbs), but everything else is. it shows that it's a bloody fast moving creature. Remember, human eyes blur, I think we have 30fps or something... not entirely sure, just tried to look it up quickly and didn't really get anything either.

    No. 15 is lovely, really, a lion!
    and in No. 5 you have the subject (well, centre of the flower) in a nice place of the photo, I quite like that.

    Actually, why not go take more photos, and make yourself a 'Serpian's Photo Thread'? Go on... do it, you love photography really.

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    Thanks Rhynome!

    I try posting the best pics, but some are posted just because of the subject. I can try to post the most interesting pics based on composition and so forth, but bear in mind I'm hardly even a hobby photographer

    23. Thompson's Gazelle, I believe
    Name:  P1030026.jpg
Views: 1387
Size:  121.7 KB

    24. Waterbucks
    Name:  P1030024.jpg
Views: 1333
Size:  135.1 KB

    25. Well this is a bit artsy, right? The Masai Mara
    Name:  P1030036.jpg
Views: 1292
Size:  52.2 KB

    26. Funny animals
    Name:  P1030046.jpg
Views: 1326
Size:  57.6 KB

    27. The majestic Topi. Probably the ugliest antelope you'll come across on the savannah
    Name:  P1030055.jpg
Views: 1293
Size:  78.9 KB

    28. Hippoes!
    Name:  P1030059.jpg
Views: 1257
Size:  108.0 KB

    Name:  P1030061.jpg
Views: 1277
Size:  117.2 KB

    Name:  P1030069.jpg
Views: 1263
Size:  113.7 KB

    Name:  P1030136.jpg
Views: 1265
Size:  64.4 KB

    32. The nomadic Maasai performing traditional dancing and singing for the tourists. The dances included rythmic movements of the body, and jumping really, really high. The singing was loud shouts and wierd throat sounds. An experience worth seeing.
    Name:  P1030150.jpg
Views: 1262
Size:  93.3 KB

    Name:  P1030194.jpg
Views: 1237
Size:  88.0 KB

    34. This wounded butterfly we found had the wingspan of the palm of my hand.
    Name:  P1030228.jpg
Views: 1247
Size:  88.6 KB

    More as the story develops!

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    I understand what you mean, in some cases the subject is just too interesting not to post the photo, even if it is nothing special in terms of composition, but there is an answer tho this: Become a hobby photographer.

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    35. I'll start with a cool subject-type pic. You haven't seen rain untill you've seen African rain, they say.
    Name:  P1030332.jpg
Views: 1345
Size:  184.8 KB

    36. Two african fish eagles soaring over the Lake Victoria
    Name:  P1030386.jpg
Views: 1250
Size:  40.0 KB

    Name:  P1030433.jpg
Views: 1177
Size:  166.7 KB

    38. Well this is artsy, right!
    Name:  P1030464.jpg
Views: 1154
Size:  35.9 KB

    39. More birrds..
    Name:  P1030598.jpg
Views: 1167
Size:  190.7 KB

    40. I love them birds.
    Name:  P1030611.jpg
Views: 1173
Size:  141.4 KB

    41. I was less than two metres away from this beautiful bird. It let me get extremely close before it flew away.
    Name:  P1030617.jpg
Views: 1161
Size:  121.8 KB

    42. Detail of previous pic
    Name:  P1030617e.jpg
Views: 1138
Size:  140.8 KB

    43. And another bird pic
    Name:  P1030625.jpg
Views: 1125
Size:  93.9 KB

    Next post will contain... more birds! Birds by the dozen! Okay, I'll just pick the very best pictures...

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    hi there,

    it's basically very clear that these are really usual holiday shots and I say it's kinda nice of you to share them. It feels a bit like flipping through friends' holiday photos on their return.

    The one photo that for me reaches into the other realm of photos that try to be nothing but a photograph (unlike holiday photography which serves purposes like documenting, memory support, and similar things) is the one with the jumping feet high in the air.

    The on-camera flash does not disturb, here and the short moment is nicely caught.

    About not workin on the image files. I think that by resizing the images you are actually processing them and if I remember correctly most people working with digital images do apply some selective sharpening in the process of resizing as that introduces a bit of fuzziness which needs to be readjusted.

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    Wow a long time since i posted here last. Now I will continue...

    44. Artsy enough for you?

    45. Here comes the birds I talked about.

    46. Okay not so many as I said, but I just picked the best ones.



    49. L'kotokote

    50. Goats to the slaughter!


    52. The Samburu, a tribal people related to the Maasai




    56. These are young boys dressed in black leather and a number of traditional jewelries. This is the way the Samburu boys are dressed in the period before their circumcision.

    57. When the Samburu slaughter animals, they often drink their bool as well.

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    47 and 48 are pretty sunsets.

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    I'll say that this is a hell of an improvement over the shots that you posted earlier this year. Cheers!

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    tnx for uploading! added to ref folder

    In the future, everyone will have 15 minutes of privacy.

    Facebook art page
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    This is an intriguing thread.

    It is really showing growth in your photo ability.

    keep on keepin on! online art gallery
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    Thank you all! It's funny to hear about improvement - seeing as I took all of these photos on the same trip in 2006. I guess I'm just getting better at picking what to show you! Though there is a lot of things I'd like to show, just because it's interesting... All in all I've got over 1500 pictures from those five weeks in Kenya. Imagine choosing which ones to print for ma (physical) photo album!

    These are the best photos from beginning to end, in cronological order. I will probably post some more later, even though they might not be as good.

    purplerose: there were sunsets like that all the time there. Also it rained every day, same time on the afternoon. Like thunder rain.

    Last edited by Serpian; December 11th, 2007 at 04:22 PM.
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    Great REFERENCE... Gracious thanks for sharing these Serpian..!!!

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    Thanks for sharing- These are gorgeous and I feel like I've just taken a little trip there. Beautiful!

    Be distinct or be extinct...
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    oh ,how i envy You now!,always dreamed to go around the world and just take a pictures, Africa, I live north of the continent, but I was never able to visit it, I see dangerous beasts, forests,and kind African people, good work, awesome pictures, I love Africa a lot, hope you pass Egypt in the next trip

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