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Thread: My own thoughts

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    My own thoughts

    I just got back from an incredible concert. While I was there I began to think how lucky each one of us are to be who we are. Each one of us has an amazing story to tell that makes us unique. I mostly thought of my kids and how, who I am, makes them unique. I thought of, how screwed up my childhood was, made my kids as cool as they are. I try hard, and will try harder from this day forth, to make sure my kids enjoy that, which I find enjoyable. I know this sounds kinda hoakey, but what we do today for those that follow us, makes all the difference.
    Some of you may not have kids yet, but it doesn't matter. You can still make a difference on a generation. For those of you that do; when was the last time you thanked your other half for making kids that could not have been without them?

    Spirituality is a good foundation. Reguardless of your foundation; what makes you continue on, day to day, needs to be voiced and acknowledged. Some kids, don't have that benefit.
    When Andrew goes to a Tool concert and comes home and is inspired to illustrate some of the most fascinating works of art we've seen, (that self portrait totally rocked), or I go to a Creed concert ( of all places) and come home to spill my guts on a forum, we are responsible to make sure our voices, whatever they may be, are heard.
    Next time you place a pen to a wacom, or a brush to a canvas, or a pencil to a pad, dig deep down, to how, what you are about to do, might carry someone forward. As artists it is our purpose to be representatives of our age.

    If anyone wants to add to these thoughts, feel free. I'm just trippin.

    There was much rejoicing in the realm of the Harvest Gods when man created the beer, light could not penetrate.

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    I... am on your side!

    I don’t have a kid of my own (yet) not even a wife but for sure I love someone and I take no delay in scribbling "I love you" on the steam from the mirror before she comes to bathroom.
    I also (and here comes an incredible story of a kid) managed to get a kid from the streets and make a little boy out of him... now he goes to school and he is just like... my young brother (I only have an older bro).
    You have to see the face he had when I've bought him a bicycle... and anyway.. your thoughts come right in the line with what I was thinking last night...
    Now... i am more confident in my own thoughts.. thank you Mitch!
    Yes, we are artists (i am not a painter yet but... artist I am in another field) and it is our duty to inspire others the way we are inspired.. by them! Hm.. curious.. isn't it?


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    I had a pretty rough month. possibly the worst in my 18 year life. But the odd thing is, i havn't felt so close to my parents in years. I guess I kept telling myself they didn't care and that I'd always have to look out fer myself, but I got an awakening when i see how hard it is on them when something happens to me. I guess the point is, if you got young person who depends on you, don't wait till a time of crisis to show them how much you really care about them. At the same time, it should not have taken massive emergency surgury to make me wake up and realize what a great family i really have, and how much i need them to be there when i fall again.

    I look back on my sketches from a couple months ago and now my sketches from last week, the change in subject is undeniable. My inspiration to draw is a direct reflection to life around me. Life always goes on and so inspiration is always there.
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    Close to home...

    Mitch, your words concerning kids hit home with me. I'm currently getting adjusted to having a brand new baby girl, she'll be 3 months old on Friday! This is my 3rd child, I have 2 sons as well, and believe you me...I thank my wife every day for going through the wonderous act (i.e. pain, discomfort, torture) of childbirth to gift me with 3 gorgeous kids! Although it sometimes is hard to balance family time with developing my skills, they are a blessing and a continual motivator for me to better myself so that I can be the best I can be for their sake! I don't want my family to have a dad that's only 1/2 there! They definitely provide a new perspective for me on a daily basis and one that I hope I'll be able to convey as I continue on my journey!

    Thanks for your thoughts.
    "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."

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