What's this? A sketchbook page with no art yet? Better fix that

Ricardo Robles: Thanks

Wasker: Hey dude, thanks a bunch for the crit, much appreciated. You're right, it looks a bit plastic all over...hm think I got lazy there. Might work on that a bit more for when I put them in my portfolio.

Here's a few more Thunderdome's I forgot to put up (all 1 hour):

Topic: Labyrinth Fauna
Name:  July 9 2009 labyrinth fauna small.jpg
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Topic: Outlandish Surgeon (I don't like this one at all, had an off day here I think. Figured I'd put it up anyway so everyone can have a laugh )
Name:  July 9 2009 Outlandish Surgeon small.jpg
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Topic: Mini Minotaur (this one was a lot of fun. Decided to do it with pen on paper rather than using PS, and it came out okay I think. 1 hour is short if you can't afford to make a mistake...)
Name:  july 14 2009 mini-minotaur small.jpg
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Topic: Tittie the Boob Mistress of Mammage Mountain (topic by Slash and yes, her boobs are all wonky I know)
Name:  July 14 Tittie the Boob Mistress of Mammage Mountain small.jpg
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